How does it work?

With Riffsquare you can find the band you were looking for! Search the city closest to you and log in to get in touch with the artist you want and bring to life an event.

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I have trouble in uploading my audio files, what can I do?

Our portal supports only MP3 files, just make sure the files comply with the forementioned audio extension. Also, the files must be original and not corrupted by third-parts software

When will I be hired?

It depends, since it is the users who decide it. However è it is very recommended to take care of your profile by adding photos, descriptions and especially your tracks, so you can get the attention of those who are looking for an artist.

What are the posts used for?

Karma points are equivalent to positive feedback that can induce anyone who wants to hire someone to contact you. They means warranty, quality and reliability. Do your best by respecting the user/artist agreements and those who will engage you will be well pleased to assign you points!